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Apple iPod Shuffle (2nd Generation)

Apple iPod Shuffle (2nd Generation)

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Brand: Apple

Model: A1204

Condition: GOOD

This iPod shuffle comes with original box and wires. It does have a small scratch on the front side of the iPod. Everything else looks to be in perfect condition.

Color: red

Storage: 2GB

Listening to an iPod Shuffle is like having a commercial-free radio station that only plays the songs you choose! Using iTunes, you can custom-design playlists and play them back in order, or you can let the Shuffle randomly play through everything in memory. The Shuffle's memory will hold about 480 songs at a time, and gives you hours of playback on a single charge.
Because the Shuffle uses flash memory, its performance and longevity are unaffected by vibrations, so it's a perfect choice for the gym, motorcycling, horseback riding, snowboarding or any other adventures you choose!
It's housed in rugged aluminum and comes equipped with a tenacious little clip that holds onto your clothes or belt, no matter what you're up to, and it's so tiny and light, you'll never feel weighed down by it. You get huge performance from this tiny wonder, at a price that's unbelievably small!
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